With the advent of social networks, the fate of email seemed to be marked, relegated to spam. But no. E-mail has become an important marketing tool for increasing the business of large and small businesses.

With this solution you can focus on face-to-face communication and capture the user’s attention better. You can reach a person interested in your products / services directly at “home”, in his message box, establishing a relationship based on trust and continuity . In other words, if you have decided to abandon the dear old email, think again and give it a dusting.

You know, you could get interesting results for your business. Obviously, the first step is to create a good mailing list of potential customers – even a few at the beginning but loyal – to whom you can offer your promotional emails. On the other hand, isn’t the saying “money on the list” true ? And if you still have some doubts, that’s why it’s important to do email marketing .

Making mail marketing means saving

Doing email marketing is advantageous from an economic point of view because it allows you to reach a large number of people with an email.

Of course, there must be a financial investment if you want to get a good result but you can get good results even if you don’t have a big budget available. Unless you are a large multinational. And even in this case you would invest in a profitable but efficient resource if used in the right way.

In any case, the costs are reduced to zero , you are no longer forced to send letters, start a paid campaign or turn to radio and TV. All you need is a well-organized newsletter .

Keep your contacts informed and always respond to needs

If your customers sign up for your newsletter, they want to stay in touch with you because they are interested in your content. Here, doing email marketing is also this: always keeping your readers’ attention high.

Such as? Alerting them in advance on the subject of future publications. I tell you more: with this activity you can profile the target audience and understand the needs of the people who follow you. In this way, you can write messages that meet specific needs. For example, do people love video tutorials on certain topics? Add them to your email campaigns.

Tip for speed

To send an email to a good number of people it takes a few seconds and the answer is usually immediate. Generally, the feedback comes after a few hours or at most within a few days.

To ensure a quick response, create a call to action , a call to action so to speak. In practice, this way you push the user to do something: click on a link that leads to a special offer or download a useful resource. For example an ebook.

In short, doing email marketing is important for being quick . Today, speed in web 2.0. it has its weight to be really competitive.

To learn more :  here are the mistakes to avoid in email marketing.

Doing email marketing allows you to keep track of numbers

The importance of email marketing also lies in being a measurable tool. I know what you’re thinking: “I can know how many people have read the email I sent?” . The answer is yes.

You can have a precise number of opening rates . That is the precise number of individuals who have seen your promotional message. And you can also learn how many clicks you received on the link within the body text.

This data will be very useful for you to understand if you are proceeding in the right direction or if you need to adjust your shot. By the way, measurability allows you to test and, if necessary, adjust the different communication styles . In fact, it is not a given that speaking impersonally is the ideal solution for your audience.

People love to feel called by their first and last name and seek warmth even through the cold pixels. Thanks to the statistics you will be able to find the right tone of voice . But that is not all. Numbers and tests will help you improve the offer of your product with a greater return on investment.

Start an email marketing strategy even on smartphones

More and more people are using smartphones to enjoy content and even emails are no different. For this reason, when you decide to do email marketing, you create e- mail messages that adapt to mobile devices.

In this case, you have to bet everything on an effective object , it must be able to immediately attract the potential customer’s interest. Next, the content must be designed to be useful and easily readable by smartphones and tablets. In short, check that your email is optimized in a responsive way .

Making email marketing: what do you think?

In this article I tried to explain to you why it is so important to do email marketing. I advise you not to underestimate this tool to promote your brand and increase your earnings.

Moreover, e-mail accompanies you in your daily actions. So why not exploit its potential? Now I leave it to you: why is this marketing strategy so important ?

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