content strategy makes it possible to attract qualified traffic in search of actors capable of providing the right answers. These visitors will become your prospects by using the right marketing levers at the right time.

Using content to prove your expertise is a pledge of trust, Internet users (and mobile users) expect more and more relevant information to get answers to their questions.

Use your content marketing to communicate on social networks

Social networks have changed the marketing, the voice of Internet users is now much more important. The audience is not more passive as was the case previously, we produce more and more content. We also have the opportunity to provoke interactions with all the companies present on different social networks.

The millions of content published every day continue to slow down, readers are confronted with this massive amount of information that directly affects their attention.

To attract your target, it is necessary to share relevant content on social networks. By following the profile of your buyer’s persona (profile of your ideal client), you will have to choose the right formats for your content marketing . to hold their attention.

Social networks will make it easier to communicate with a community, it is a real lever to interact and get answers. A social media strategy cannot be improvised, it must be integrated within the communication department.

Create value with your content strategy to attract prospects

If content marketing is not new to you, as much as inbound marketing, you’ve probably read these words more than once in articles. If authors and I continue to write, it’s because we manage to attract prospects through content.

It’s a marketing action that produces unique value for your business.

I speak very often about companies and possible actions with B2B customers but, a blog is also a very good initiative to improve its personal branding. It’s an opportunity to create an audience, to attract visitors, to build loyalty to one day to make your own community, and even your own customers.

The field of possibilities is so wide, when I speak of personal branding, I always think of an author that I read regularly, Darius Foroux. For more than 2 years, he wrote articles for very few readers. He now has more than 300,000 visitors a month and his readers are ready to pay for his training.

Let’s go back to the main topic, the content strategy is ROI in the long run, the results will start to be visible only after several months. During this time, you will have time to design perfect content for your personas.

How to establish a content strategy and Why is content strategy important?

The secret of an effective content marketing strategy lies in choosing the keywords your typical customers use to search Google.

Do not waste time writing content if only a few people will have the chance to find them naturally in the search results.


Recently, a prospect contacted me to assist him in setting up an inbound marketing strategy. After a thorough SEO audit, I directly proposed an optimization of the performances and an improvement of the current practices on the site.

Publishing content is good, publishing it in good SEO practice is even better.

The content strategy is directly related to SEO, it requires a minimum of knowledge.

I recommend you produce at least 600 to 800 words in order to properly reference your blog articles. More tips are available in this article that explains how to write the perfect article .


The content you offer to your target must be varied and relevant. Your message should appear consistent in the eyes of your visitors, it is a way to bring elements of confidence.

The desire for better controlled consumption encourages prospects to learn more about products and compare them with other brands before making a purchase.

Simply and clearly illustrate your expertise by demonstrating pedagogy will allow you to interest your audience. And that, no matter how mature they are in the conversion tunnel.

Content marketing is not a solution to all your marketing problems, it just adds to the arsenal of your digital strategy.

This concludes as to why content strategy is important in 2019 ? In a digital world that we live in the only thing sells is great stories and that is where the main contribution of your content strategy comes in.

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