Today’s organizations and enterprises benefit significantly from enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Human Resources, resource management, supply management, and procurement are just a few of the essential business tasks that these systems may aid with.

This is why company software such as Odoo is gaining immense popularity today. Accounting, project management, and inventory management are some of the business activities that Odoo can help with.

Odoo is a well-known ERP system that assists organizations in running their operation as efficiently as possible. Ranging from back-office services such as inventory control, accounting, and HR to front-office procedures like sales and CRM, the platform covers practically every facet of running a business. Odoo is written in Python, JavaScript, and XML. The Belgium-based company was released in February 2005. It is ready to use SaaS and On-premium environments.

 For the last 16 years, Odoo has been growing immensely. In 2013, they received the Deloitte award for 1549% growth over five years. However, despite the platform’s adaptability, customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the software’s steep learning curve and lengthy installation procedure.

As a result, this article will explore a list of the top 5 Odoo alternatives for you to consider if the platform doesn’t meet your requirements. But for now, if you don’t want to use Odoo, you can check out some of the names of the Odoo Alternatives here.

Top 5 Odoo alternatives

Microsoft Project

37 year old, Microsoft project’s extensive features help businesses operate more efficiently. The platform aids business owners in the development of plans and assignments, as well as the management of resources and the monitoring of workload and project progress. More significantly, the program allows you to see and analyze how your company allocates and manages resources across projects.

The company’s initial release was in 1984 and launched its first commercial version of the DOS project. There are different versions of Microsoft projects with various kinds of features. For example, dynamic scheduling is a Microsoft project feature that dramatically enhances project management.

This capability uses data from the project duration, team members assigned, and the effort required to produce optimal schedules to build optimized schedules. Built-in interfaces with productivity and task management tools are among the platform’s other capabilities. All these features will give tough competition to Odoo in the market and makes Microsoft one of the top Odoo Alternatives.


The second in the list of Odoo alternatives is Trello.

Whether you’re a team of two or 2,000, Trello has a solution that suits your requirement. Trello is a centralized platform for managing projects and tasks that may use a variety of commercial activities.

Trello is giving tough competition to  Odoo in the field of Lifecycle management software products. Managers can quickly assign tasks to cards and group them into lists using Trello’s web-based Interface, just like Odoo. In addition, the Platform does not impair your work thanks to dragging and drop functionalities and a user-friendly design.

Trello ensures that all project data are visible to all participants and that project progress is constantly updated in real-time. Because the platform adapts to your workflow rather than the other way around, you can be confident that you’ll be able to use all of Trello’s features to their maximum potential. Trello had more than 35 million users as of March 2019. Trello claimed that around 50 million users had joined the company a few months later, in October 2019.


It had over 15,000 licensed entities in over 60 countries in 2020, according to the company. In 2017, SYSPRO was named one of the Top 10 ERP Systems. It is regarded as one of the most flexible Odoo alternatives options for the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers can use the platform’s straightforward interface to manage various tasks, such as supply chain planning, work order management, and document preparation.

The Programme also improves distribution efficiency by including warehouse automation features. You also have the choice of installing the program on-premise or using the cloud to distribute it. SYSPRO adapts to your company’s demand in this way.


For enterprises, Jira serves as project management and tracking tool. The software allows you to plan projects by dividing them down into smaller, more manageable tasks. You may also assign these projects to members of your team and set deadlines for them. Add priority levels to studies so that team members may prioritize jobs and projects.

This competitor of Odoo also has the best workflow management software capabilities. Built-in features on the platform allow you to establish the ideal workflow for your company. As your team works, the software’s workflow features improve responsibility and transparency. Jira is used for problem tracking and project management by over 180,000 customers in 190 countries, according to Atlassian.


With a total of $230 Million(2019) revenues, it offers dependable management solutions for various corporate activities, including marketing, IT, and services. As a result, managers and executives can plan, execute, and oversee projects and tasks from a single platform, increasing productivity.

Among Odoo‘s competitors, the platform also combines AI-enabled technology to distribute resources, making it stand out efficiently. Adobe Inc. announced the acquisition of Workfront for $1.5 billion on November 9, 2020. On December 7th, 2020, the purchase was finalized.

This concludes the list of Top Odoo alternatives.

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