Read the below article to know about who are the top Zapier competitors in 2021.

Zapier is one of the renowned companies that help users to connect apps and automate the workflow with the help of zaps. It was started by Wade Foster, the co-founder in Columbia, Missouri during the year 2011. It helps the users to increase their productivity and do their work faster without the requirement of any code. This online automation tool connects more than 2000 web apps. It comes with the motive to save users time as this tool would do your work and you need not do it manually.

 Zapier provides five different plans according to the user’s business need. It provides free plans and also premium plans and on average 100 workflow tasks could be performed in a month. The free plans are not worth and the premium ones are too expensive, and as one uses more apps the price keeps on increasing, so it bends the people towards the alternatives. This article would be providing relevant information about the top Zapier competitors.

Top Zapier competitors in 2021


The first in the list of Top Zapier Competitors is Integromat.

Integromat is an affordable Zaphier competitor which was started in 2012 having headquarters in Prague, the Czech Republic by six of its co-founders. It gives a user-friendly connection to the apps and also helps in creating automated workflow and tasks. The whole workflow could be seen on the entire screen. It also contains five plans including one free plan. It contains features that are very useful including visual editors, templates, and integration of apps. The only drawback of it is that it is difficult for beginners to use when compared with Zapier.


Second in the list of top Zapier Competitors is Microsoft Flow

Another cloud-based automation tool used to transform and transfer data, though less effective than Zapier still a good competitor for it. It is developed by Microsoft as a fraction of office 365 and for this, it provides many Microsoft services which include Outlook, OneDrive, DropBox, etc.

It provides three plans including a free plan. At a time 750 multiple workflow tasks could be performed and more than a thousand templates are offered for the betterment of the user. It is best suitable for maintaining documents.


An alternative for Zapier allowing the integration of all kinds of your cloud apps. It provides an easy setup without the requirement of any kind of coding. It includes free plans for small business needs and also paid plans according to the user’s requirement. Automate usually focuses on activities based on marketing and businesses.

It performs around 250 tasks on its free plan but lacks in providing services the way Zapier does, still, it is affordable and is considered one of the top Zapier competitors.


An abbreviation for “If This Than That” another rising platform to make your work simpler. It is one of the affordable and free-to-use applications that could be used on many devices. It is generated in the format of the conditional statement named “applets”. It uses one trigger and one action. Social apps are notified well by IFTTT. It has various monthly plans according to the need.

It comprises of many beneficial features on which we could rely. The only drawback is that it becomes really difficult to create an applet if your required one is not found.


Integrately is been new in the market and before it used to lack many features and had slow service but now it has improved a lot and is on its way rapidly. It has a simpler user interface and is quite low in cost. Good integration is done and is one-click software for automation. Workflow tasks could be increased on premium plans. Data could be easily modified. It is easy to learn and has no learning curve.


Workato has been developed by Appsine and has been one of the brilliant competitors of Zapier having a user-friendly interface and multiple features that help in the automation of the workflow for both Android and iOS platforms. It provides strong integration and has an easy setup. Various templates are comprised of Workato. It contains several monthly plans which are quite affordable. The only drawback is that it becomes difficult to learn customization in Workato.


Outfunnel works by creating infinite loops. It is best suitable for people who just have departments to share data marketing and contact syncing. Monthly plans are not heavy and are low in cost. This is an exciting application including multiple features. The Outfunnel though less than Zapier still is very useful and has been given a good rating on the marketplace.


These seven Zapier competitors provide effective work processes and services. Hope this article was beneficial for you and would help to find you the one which is most suitable for you.