Top Rated Yelp Competitors

            Yelp is a popular online platform that you can use if you want to locate the best destinations for you to travel to or dine at, or both. Yet it is important to bear in mind, that this is not the only search engine or online tool which you can utilize for this purpose, and that there are many Yelp competitors that you ought to be mindful of, when wondering about the next best place that you can take a holiday to or the next fine dining restaurant you can visit with your friends or visit. To know more about top-rated Yelp competitors, read on.

Google Inc.

            Google Inc. is a multinational corporation that ranks as one of the top competitors for Yelp. The company officially came into existence in the year of 1998, and it specializes in the provision of internet-based services and products. Some of the key services and facilities that Google has come to be known for over the years, is its popular search engine known as Google Search, in addition to Google maps, Google Hangouts, Google Drive, and cloud sharing facilities among, other services.

The company revenue as of the year of 2020, amounted to approximately, $ 183, 000,000. Google has come into controversy for issues such as anti-trust litigation and matters of privacy, but it still constitutes one of the finest Yelp competitors because of the ease with which it helps you to search for the finest travel destinations, accommodation options and dining destinations to explore with the simply tap or click of your mouse.


            TripAdvisor is yet another option that you can explore if you are interested in locating popular places to travel to or eat at, or both. TripAdvisor can be used as a search engine, and it is a platform that is quite easy to navigate. It provides you with up, to date information about hotels, restaurants, and other essential facts that you need to have an idea of, when planning a trip to a specific location. The company was founded officially, in the year of 2000 by a man by the name of Stephen Kaufer.

The net revenue of the company as of the year of 2019, amounted to $ 1560 billion. TripAdvisor has managed to generate a considerable amount of controversy over the years, because of its layoffs, as well as reductions in the pay of employees.

However, it still, continues, to be used by vast sections of the global population when locating the trendiest places to dine at, well-known travel destinations to visit and hotels to stay at, with the platform providing you access with only the best rated hotels, locations, and restaurants and other services to choose from.


            Open-Table is also one of the major Yelp competitors that you should be aware of, when looking for alternatives to this online platform. Open-Table is a service or online tool rather, that you can avail in order, to locate the finest dining destinations in your vicinity. The company was officially established in the year of 1998, by a man by the name of Chuck Templeton, and the net revenue of the company, as of the year of 2013, amounted to $ 190.5 million.

Open-Table’s USP lies in the fact that it makes it possible for you to make reservations for tables, be it for dinner or for lunch, in a smooth and hassle-free manner. You can download the app into your phone and use it at any point of time, given that it is compatible with both IOS and android systems. If you are a restaurant owner, you can also make use of this delightful app to reach out to your target audience.

Open-Table is an enterprise that has managed to remain free from controversy for the most part of its existence and has been running its operations without running into scandals of any sort.


            Meituan is an online platform which is regarded to be a key competitor company for Yelp. It is a platform that you can utilize to connect with local merchants and businesses in a quick and easy manner, and it is certainly a platform that you may use to access food businesses or restaurants and bistros in your vicinity if you are visiting China or are based over here. 

Meituan is considered, to be one of the top Yelp competitors today because of the easy navigation that users can enjoy when navigating through this platform. It was founded in the year of 2010, in Beijing, in China, and competes successfully with Yelp in this part of the world.

            Thus, there are many Yelp competitors that you need to be mindful of, and which you can use, depending on which part of the world you are located, in, and the specific services or facilities that you are on the lookout for.