This article covers the top competitors of Quickbooks

Intuit Quickbooks is an accounting-based software solution specially designed for small and medium-sized businesses, accountants, self-employed individuals and developers alike. Even the software is accessing by large organizations around the world.

The program can memorize a vast amount of information about the business. Once saved the data, the program can sort it, calculate and report it as required by the business.  The best description of the program is to represent it as an Administrative Assistance or Super security.

Why Quickbooks?

Many small and medium-sized accountant business firms work on software like Excel for documentation and managing of financial reports, but they always run the risk of errors.  QuickBooks an accounting-based software and provides an application that works on Android, Web Base, Ipad/iPhone, Linux, Mac, and Windows. The applications support accounting software as well as online cloud-based computing which helps in managing business payments, bills, income statements as well as payroll functions.

Quickbooks design a digital or computer file that appears in the form of the electronic form where the data is entered, stored modified, sorted and reported according to the instructions of the user.

Information is stored in two basic files

  1. File for transaction or records
  2. Files for Permanent information or Lists.

List Archive: In this file program keeps the information which is used for transactions Example: Name, Address and other information of a client which is used repeatedly in the invoice.

The significant list is:

  • Client Data
  • Vendors or Suppliers Data
  • Employees Data

Transaction List: In this file information or data on financial activities such as checking invoices, payments, deposits at the bank, etc. 

Significant transactions on the file are

  • Cash Debit and credit transactions
  • Payroll Transactions
  • Sales Transactions

Competitors of Quickbooks

The first in the list of competitors of Quickbooks is

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a smart online accounting-based software designed for all business sizes from Small business to large businesses and work well for services, consultants, individuals, and large organizations.

One of the main competitors of Quickbooks, Zoho Books works best with small i.e. businesses run by sole proprietors. Zoho Books allow users to invoice their clients in their currency and is available in 11 different languages. 

Zoho is an online web-based function available in IOS, MAC and windows applications. Its online office suite contains Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, database, note-taking, wikis, web conferencing, customer relationship manager, project manager, invoicing and many other applications.

Zoho Marketing B2B Strategy

Since due to similar products and services, it is among the top competitors of Quick Books


The second in the list of competitors of Quickbooks is Xero.

Xero accounting is online software which is very helpful for small business owners. It is easy to install and will give your business a new reach and you can earn more profit.

Features offered by Xero Accounting  

  • Easy Invoicing
  • Mobile application
  • Inventory
  • Multi-currency
  • Connect with third party app
  • Attach files easily
  • Easy purchase order creation

Xero provides 24×7 services and if the customers have any type of problem, then one can easily handle the problem and overcome all the difficulties.

Xero is one of the leading cloud accounting software and one of the competitors to Quick books


Wave comes fourth in the list of competitors of Quickbooks.

Wave is an online accounting-based software that is very helpful for a small business owner. Since Wave is available for Free of Cost means you need not to pay nothing to access the accounting software. The applications support accounting software as well as online cloud-based computing which helps in managing invoicing, personal finance and receipt scanning software.

Features and Limitations of Wave


Wave provide customer care support only through Email  


SlickPie is an open API software, which means users can create custom integrations with their favorite systems.

It is a cloud-based accounting software application that works on Android, iPhone/Ipad, and Web-Based applications. SlickPie is very helpful for small business owners and Freelancers.

SlickPie permits users to start invoicing customers at once upon signing up for the software package. Whereas invoice templates are obtainable, users may customize the look and feel of the invoice document to better match their company brand.

It sends automatic payment reminders to Clients and manages bills that companies are responsible for paying.

Features offered by SlickPie:

  • Sales Tax Tracking
  • Custom Tax Naming
  • Tax and Product Linking
  • Tax and Recurring Transaction Linking
  • Quarterly Sales tax Calculations
  • Ad-Hoc Sales Tax Calculations

It provides customer care available support in the form of Email, Phone and Training support which makes it a tough competition for Quickbooks.

This concludes the article on Competitors of Quickbooks.


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