IBM is a multinational company that is headquartered in the American state of New York, and which runs operations in more than 170 countries of the world. It specializes in the provision of software and technology-based services and products and ranks as one of the top technological companies today, because of the efficient rendition and high quality of its services.

Known officially as International Business Machines Corporation, this is an enterprise that is faced with a significant amount of competition in the global marketplace to know. If you are interested in knowing more about the IBM competitors, read on.


            Xerox is one of the most well-known of IBM competitors today, and it is an enterprise that was established officially in the year of 1906. The company is headquartered in Norwalk, in Connecticut, USA, and is a well-known seller of digital and print products. The company has been servicing customers in more than 160 countries as of date, with as many as 40,000 people being employed by the company.

As of the year of 2017, Xerox came to be regarded as a top brand, and provider of technological services in the world. In 2002, the enterprise sent shockwaves across the globe for having become embroiled in a $2 billion scandal, the effects of which it has managed to successfully recover from.

Hewlett Packard

            Another one of the IBM Competitors that is worth knowing about is Hewlett Packard, which came into existence officially in 1939. Hewlett Packard is famous for its IT based products and services, and it is headquartered in California in the USA.

The company provides software products as well as hardware products for businesses and for consumers. Hewlett Packard deals with customers in both the private sector and in the public sector, having entered in contracts with government authorities, in the field of public health as well as in the educational sector.

Hewlett Packard is a company that has not been free from controversies as such, and it came to be caught up in a spying scandal in 2006 although most of those who were accused of being a part of this scandal have been acquitted today.

The way in which the company was seen to take over the Autonomy Corporate PLC, in 2012, its lawsuit against Oracle, in 2011, and accusations of bribery in 2014, are some of the other controversial issues that the company has faced in the recent past but which have not stood in the way of enabling the company to become one of the most well-recognized of IT service and product manufacturers in the world today.


            Accenture, a company which was founded in 1989 and is headquartered Dublin in Ireland is one of the key competitor companies for IBM. What makes Accenture one of the most significant of IBM competitors is its involvement in various types of industries where it is seen to provide a wide range of technological services and facilities, including solutions that are provided to insurance, banking as well as telecommunications industries.

In the month of June in 2018, Accenture got into a controversy when it was accused of charging money for recruiting as many as 7500 officers in the field of customs and border protection.

The company was accused of charging $ 40,000 from the US government for every recruit that took place, and which is an amount that is estimated to be more than the annual salaries of such officers. Regardless of this controversy, Accenture continues to be one of the top technological solutions providers today, giving a company like IBM plenty of competition.


            Oracle is a company that was founded in 1977 and is one of the biggest IBM competitors in the world today. Based at Redwood City in California, USA, the company is known for providing an extensive range of advanced technological solutions for its customer base. Oracle’s USP lies in the wide range of its computer services and products, including the provision of repair services.

The trash-gate controversy and controversies security the compromise of information exchange are some of the issues that Oracle has been involved in, in the past but which have not exempted the company from being a top player in the field of technological solutions today.

            Thus, there are many powerful and dynamic IBM competitors, that have been dominating technology for several years now, and which are as effective and well-known as IBM when it comes to providing technology based, products, solutions, and services.