Top Deloitte competitors

Deloitte is a professional services enterprise that has a multinational focus and is currently operating in more than 150 nations in various parts of the globe. It is one of the largest revenue-generating companies in the world, with the headquarters of this company being situated in London, in the United Kingdom.

Financial advisory services, risk advisory services, management consultancy, and tax and legal counsel are some of the essential services that are provided by Deloitte. This is a company that faces a significant degree of competition from numerous other multinational corporations.

If you want to know more about the top Deloitte competitors in the world today, read on.

Top 4 Deloitte Competitors in the world


            Accenture is one of the most important competitors for Deloitte, which came into existence in 1989 and which has its headquarters in the city of Dublin in Ireland. It is a multinational company that provides consulting and professional services for customers located in different parts of the world.

The revenue of the company amounted to $ 44.33 billion as of 2020, making it one of the top Deloitte competitors worth knowing about. Services around technological communication and interaction and strategic planning are what the company has made a name for itself in, and it is a company which has quite a substantive presence in the countries of the Global South.

As of the year of 2015, the company had 48,000 employees working for it in the United States of America, 150,000 employees working for its branches in India, and 50,000 employees working for its branches in the Philippines. There is not much in terms of controversy that the company has managed to run into, since the time that it came into existence, with its proficient and high-quality technological and strategic planning services being increasingly coveted by its clientele all over the world.


      PricewaterhouseCoopers is a large-scale professional services network that ranks as one of the top Deloitte competitors today, and which also has a multinational approach to doing business. The formal establishment of the company took place in the year of 1998, and the company runs its operations from London, the United Kingdom. Presently, PricewaterhouseCoopers is an enterprise that has a presence in 157 countries of the world.

It has a presence in the nations of Middle East as well as Africa, in Western Europe, in the United States of America and in several parts of South and Southeast Asia, not to mention East Asia. As of the year of 2019, the global revenue of the firm amounted to $ 42.9 million. A lot of the company’s revenue is generated by its tax and legal practices while a significant amount of revenue earned by the company is generated by the advisory services offered by the firm.

            PricewaterhouseCoopers in spite, of its global presence and in spite, of being renowned for the quality and the range of its professional services, is not a company that has managed to keep itself free from controversy.

In 1989, itself the company courted controversy, by taking the arbitrary decision of not allowing a female employee to join its ranks. In 2014, the company faced a lot of negative publicity for matters pertaining to tax evasion in the USA, and the company’s office in India ran into various scandals in the years between 2007 and 2009 over accounting and financial fraud.

However, the global reputation of the firm remains unimpacted by such scandals and the company’s dedication to the profession of top-quality professional services makes it perceived to be one of the most important and significant Deloitte competitors today.


            Infosys is a multinational company that is headquartered in India, and which is regarded as one of Deloitte’s top-most competitors. Infosys offers services in the field of business consulting, outsourcing services and in matters pertaining to information technology. The company was officially founded in the year, of 1981, and has its head office in the Indian city of Bangalore. As of 2021, the net revenue of the company amounted to 14 billion USD.

            Infosys is considered, to be one of the most formidable of Deloitte competitors as it has a presence in various parts of the world, with there being several offices of the company in the USA itself. While the company faced issues pertaining to tax fraud in the USA in 2019 and was also accused of visa fraud in the USA, in 2011, these are obstacles that have not deterred the company in its journey towards professional excellence and success.


            When talking about Deloitte competitors, mention must also be made of Capgemini. This is a global enterprise that offers services in the field of information technology, and which also works as a consulting company. The company has its headquarters in the French capital city of Paris and was officially founded in 1967. Capgemini today runs operations in as many as 50 countries of the world. at present, it is served by 270,000 employees, most of whom are working for the company’s offices in India. As of 2020, the revenue of the company amounted to $ 15.84 billion. There is not much controversy or scandal that is associated with Capgemini and its dedication towards the provision of quality IT and consulting services gives it the rank of a leading international corporation.

            Thus, there are numerous Deloitte competitors that you ought to be aware of, such as the ones discussed above, if you wish to grasp the true extent of competition that this company must face and overcome in its professional journey.

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