We start the new year, the opportunity to work on its website , refresh its content, even start a new SEO strategy! The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEO is crucial if you want people find you … before contacting your competitors.

Knowing that more than 80% of consumers find out online before the purchase , in B2C as in B2B, it is unthinkable not to invest on this fundamental aspect for your business.

For 2019, no radical change : the customer experience , content  marketing , mobile , video , voice and local marketing are still important axes to be found by your potential customers on Google.


1. The customer experience

To arrive in the first 3 results of Google ( where 77% of clicks are played ), you must “serve” the user !

Many have tried to determine exactly the ins and outs of the secret algorithm and have failed. The lesson to remember: write for your prospects, not for Google’s robots!

Without going into details, a good customer experience is a site :

  • Who answers your audience’s question accurately, simply and concisely
  • Which “loads” fast – any load of more than 2 seconds can be penalized
  • Who is secure – who has an HTTPS certificate. There are still many sites without the security protocol
  • Who does not have unwanted pop-ups
  • Which contains rich media : images, infographics or videos

Tip: If you have a doubt about what a good customer experience means, then type the keyword for which you want to be referenced, click on the first 3 search results and analyze the structure of these pages.

2. The mobile

Like the United States, the population of Reunion uses more mobile than a computer to surf the internet: 53.8% connect on the smartphone against 48% on the computer (Médiamétrie). In fact, there were 322,000 mobile users in 2017 (compared to 250,000 in 2015, an increase of 28.8% in just two years ).

This means that companies have an interest in presenting their audience with an effective and mobile-friendly website. If you have not done so already, invest in a responsive site , and content that’s easy to consume on mobile. The best ? Take a scalable CMS and “natively” adapted to mobiles and tablets , like Hubspot for example.

Tip: Depending on the industry, the share of people using mobile may vary . You can access the distribution of your traffic by interface (mobile, tablet or computer) thanks to Google Analytics  (if you do not use it yet, remember that this service offered by Google, is, unlike the majority of his offer, free!)

3. Content with high added value

Since 3 years, the main challenge of marketers and this is not a novelty in 2019. Want to be referenced without creating content is like making a sausage rougail … without sausages.

You must feed Google so that it can index you (we speak of crawlability, even if the word is ugly) on its search engine!

If it’s not done yet: invest in a business blog. Today, the ¾ of our Traffic Marketing IO blog (the one you are currently on!) Comes from SEO . This audience we built allows us to be independent of advertising to attract qualified traffic!

But that does not stop there: your content must be unique in order to differentiate itself from the 2 million blog articles that are created each day ( MarketingProfs ). And to do this, you must build a true editorial strategy , as we mentioned here.

The competition is becoming more fierce in the field of content marketing . To stand out, your editorial strategy must be in sync with the issues of your personas, with research done (we talk about SEO data), using the media they prefer (articles? Infographics? Videos? Practical cases?) and promoting your content on the social networks they use !

If you share relevant content that adds value to your audience, you will naturally gain :

  • Inbound links or backlinks (still fundamental in 2019 for your site to be correctly referenced)
  • shares
  • increasing visits to your site
  • increased time spent on your site and page views
  • word of mouth and therefore direct traffic

In short, all the “strong” signals for Google to love you and get you up in its search results!

4. The video

The latest study (2019) conducted by BuzzSumo on 777+ million Facebook publications us the proof : the video is now essential in the media mix .

Of the 500 most popular Facebook posts in 2018, over 80% of these publications were videos .

The launch of new products in 2018 by giants like Instagram IGTV or Facebook LiveStream show the will to favor this media.

The video generates more commitment is easier to consume a long blog post, and is worshiped algorithms! It allows in addition to being present on Youtube , an indispensable channel for any marketer today.

5. The voice and importance of the zero position

“OK Google, where is the nearest gas pump”.

This phenomenon is due to the multiplication of commercialized voice interfaces : Amazon Alexa, Apple SIRI, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana …., but also to “boxes” or smart multi-purpose speakers that allow you to launch a playlist to the voice , extinguish a room in your home if you have invested in a home automation system.

Already widely popular in the United States, these solutions will arrive very quickly in Reunion Island (although it is already possible to order them in metropolitan France).

Stats to share with your boss :

  • By 2020 , 50% of searches will be done via voice ( comScore ).
  • By 2020, about 30% of searches will be done “without screens” . ( Gartner )

To meet this growing and captive demand, you must work on your voice referencing .

For this, your mission if you accept it: get the position “zero” . That is to say, get the “featured snippet Google” , the ultimate grail of SEO. This will guarantee you an average 114% increase in your CTR (study by Hubspot ).

The featured snippets appear at the top of the search results in response to queries in the form of questions, such as in voice searches.

Example of Featured snippet FAQs:

6. Local marketing

In Reunion , and especially for companies that have local offices (ie: many), it is essential to improve its local SEO . 

Local SEO is powerful because it allows you to capture local customers , who are in active search (phase called “decision”) when they need most of your product or service.

And with geolocation , local search is even more relevant today.

The base is Google My Business , the free online directory of Google, which also allows you to appear on Google Maps .

It is often forgotten but Facebook and even Instagram are also search engines , make sure to have a local page if it is relevant for your activity:

Mappy , Yellow Pages , Meeting Guide , Reunion Directory , are also sites that are well referenced in Reunion , although this criterion of SEO is much less important than a few years ago. This allows at least to have backlinksfrom site to authority.

Finally create local pages on your website, for example if you have 2 shops on the island, position yourself on the keywords: [name of your service] + [your brand name] + [city].

Tip: Think also about directories or “paying” listings (not local SEO strictly speaking but which can be lucrative):

  • For Hotels : Trip Advisor, Booking and Expedia
  • For restaurants : Petit Futé, RodeUnResto
  • If you sell goods online : Amazon

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