How does apple promote their products?

Forbes has published its annual study on one of the most popular brands in the world. For the eighth consecutive year, Apple ranked at the top of the list of the largest brands, with a value of $ 182.8 billion, an increase of 8% over the previous year, which does not surprise anybody.

The top ten cited by Forbes is:

  1. Apple: Brand Value $ 182.8 Billion
  2. Google: Brand value $ 132.1 billion
  3. Microsoft: Brand Value $ 104.9 Billion
  4. Facebook: Brand Value $ 94.8 Billion
  5. Amazon: Brand Value $ 70.9 Billion
  6. Coca-Cola: Brand Value $ 57.3 Billion
  7. Samsung: Brand value $ 47.6 billion
  8. Disney: Brand Value $ 47.5 Billion
  9. Toyota: Brand Value $ 44.7 Billion
  10. AT & T: Brand Value $ 41.9 Billion

At first glance, there are no names you did not expect to see. But the list tells another story: technology brands dominate and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

While Apple is leading with a significant lead, its top-10 counterparts have experienced explosive double-digit growth since last year, with Coca-Cola being the only non-tech brand in the top seven.

So how can technology giants, especially Apple, become so popular with the modern consumer?

The perceived value

What is perceived value? It is the customer’s assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of one brand over another, which largely explains the success of the most popular brands in the world.

What makes perceived value so important to the company is that customers may be willing to pay a higher price because they consider the brand to be a guarantee of quality and / or a symbol of notoriety. This explains Apple’s continued success over its competitors.

Although Samsung has actually sold more phones in the last months of 2017, Apple still managed to capture 87% of the total profits of smartphones , a huge monopoly.

Why is the Apple brand so powerful and How does apple promote their products? The iconic status that Apple has acquired within its fanbase explains why they can sell their products much more expensive than its competitors, although the technology is more or less the same.

Like it or not, Apple is able to set the price of its products to a higher level, because it knows that its brand has the power to attract a loyal and enthusiastic audience to its products.

From the point of view of branding, what makes Apple so special?

Apple’s branding

It is difficult to find an example of brand success more inspiring than that of Apple. Founded by two recent graduates, its innovative expansion into various sectors and new services such as Apple Pay and iTunes have helped the brand become the first American company with a value of more than $ 700 billion.

Apple’s brand strategy has always been focused on emotion, spurred on by forward-thinking creative visionary Steve Jobs. Since the creation of the brand in 1976, Apple has made it a priority to build a community of dedicated fans, in an almost religious way.

By maintaining an atmosphere of secrecy around the inner workings of the brand, the craze surrounding the release of their products is unparalleled, creating conversations between professionals and amateurs alike

Apple has always positioned itself as a different company; they “think differently”. Unlike any other tech company, allowing them to sell is not what their products actually do.

By the way I mean that most Apple consumers do not think: “I want it because it’s a dual-SIM, 64GB, 12-megapixel smartphone with eight heart for processing.” They think, “I want it because it’s an Apple iPhone, a cool product and design.”

In addition, Apple has demonstrated a strong sense of exclusivity in the promotion of new products and meticulous attention to the aesthetics of its products, which has allowed the brand to be associated with luxury goods. eyes of his fans. And that’s why many of its consumers pay a premium: a symbol of prestige motivated by emotion, not by convenience.

Clients are more likely to remember – and buy – products and services that help them feel good.

Do you know the term “unboxing”? In simple terms, unboxing involves recording the unpacking process of different recently purchased products. Apple consumers are fond of this practice. Why ? Because the products make them feel good.

Unboxing videos provide a candid and honest look at products, while placing the author of the video at the center of the brand’s community. No one tells these people to create these videos, but Apple makes it easy to create a user experience that extends well beyond buying. That’s why when you search for these videos on YouTube, you can find a series of results with an impressive number of views.

The high popularity of Apple of course gives the organization a formidable reputation. All the state-of-the-art products provided by Apple are not only designed to meet the promise of the brand, but are also essential to maintain the company’s profitability.

So, how does Apple integrate the customer experience into its brand image and how does apple promote their products? The company places the customer at the heart of everything it does. Take the example of their “Shot on iPhone” campaign. Not only does it showcase the versatility of the iPhone camera as well as videos shot by real customers, this way the consumer is an integral part of their strategy.

They offer their customers the opportunity to be part of something huge – the first part of the campaign has been viewed at least 6.5 billion times. “Shot on iPhone” has successfully combined emotion and real product benefits. Showing how their products fit into people’s lives, the campaign reinforces the pillars of the brand and reinforces the emotional connection with the audience.

The importance of emotion in brand loyalty.

No matter how entertaining or creative your brand campaigns are, if there is no emotional connection to your audience, your marketing strategy is likely to miss its target.

It is this emotional connection that is at the root of loyalty among Apple fans and has allowed the brand to sell its products at prices much higher than those of its competitors. When we asked famous blogger David Di Franco what the brand meant to him, here is what he said:

Since I moved to the Mac in 2004, I knew there was something about Apple that really touched me personally. From consistency in designing their products to the passion behind what they represent, Apple has quickly become one of my favorite brands of all time. And honestly, I do not see that changing anytime soon. I am an Apple fan for life.

David Di Franco: Vlogger Tech and Apple Aficionado @DavidDiFranco

So what is the key to brand loyalty? While there is no easy answer, promoting a brand personality that your audience can relate to can make a difference. After all, what is a brand? As famed author and branding expert Marty Neumeier explains, “A brand is the intuition of a person about a product, service or organization.”

If you want your customers to become more loyal, do it like Apple, connect with them emotionally and start a movement you believe in. The rest will certainly follow.

And that’s the secret of how does apple promote their products?

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