This article covers the list of the top competitors of Siemens.

A 172-year-old corporation, Siemens is a German multinational conglomerate company that mainly deals with Power generation technology, industrial and buildings automation, medical technology, railway vehicles, water treatment systems, fire alarms, PLM software.

Siemens is the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe and is a prominent maker of medical diagnostics equipment. The company’s medical health-care division generates about 12 percent of the company’s total sales making it the second-most profitable unit for the company.


Siemens offers a wide range of electrical engineering- and electronics-related products and services.

Below are broad categories in which Siemens has divided its business:

  • Buildings-related products
  • Drives
  • Automation and industrial plant-related products
  • Energy-related products
  • Lighting
  • Medical products; and
  • Transportation and logistics-related products.

Let’s check out the top competitors of siemens that are competing with the company to get the maximum market share.


The first in the list of competitors of Siemens is Philips


Founded in 1891, Philips, formerly one of the largest electronics companies in the world. is a Dutch multinational conglomerate corporation.

With a presence in over 100 countries, Philips is organized in 3 main divisions:

  • Philips Consumer health
  • Well-being
  • Philips Professional Healthcare

Philips’ core products are consumer electronics and electrical products (including small domestic appliances, shavers, beauty appliances, mother and childcare appliances, etc) and healthcare products (including CT scanners, ECG equipment, mammography equipment, monitoring equipment, MRI scanners, etc.)


General Electric is one of the main competitors of Siemens.

GE, an American multinational conglomerate, operates in the following segments:

  • Aviation, 
  • Healthcare, 
  • Power, 
  • Renewable energy, 
  • Digital industry, 
  • Additive manufacturing, 
  • Venture capital
  • Finance and lighting.


After the American player, we have a Japanese competitor as well.

Mitsubishi Electric is a Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company that manufactures electric and architectural equipment and is a major worldwide producer of photovoltaic panels.

Founded in 1921, Mitsubishi Electric operates in Asia-Pacific, North-America and Europe regions and just like other companies in the list, Mitsubishi business is also split into different business units, namely

  • Building Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Industrial Automation
  • Medical Systems
  • Power Systems etc


Here comes a french player – Schneider Electric is a French multinational corporation specializing in electrical equipment.

Different business units that Schneider Electric operates in are

  • Energy Management,
  • Industrial Automation,
  • Services.  

Under these 3 main business units are sub-divisions in which the company provides different products and services.


Hitachi is a Japanese multinational conglomerate that operates in eleven business segments, ranging from Information & Telecommunication Systems to Construction Machinery.

Founded in 1910, Hitachi has over the years grown into a company that offers below products and services to its different clients.

  • Aircraft engines
  • Automotive systems
  • Components and devices
  • Construction machinery
  • Defense systems
  • Digital media and consumer products
  • Electronic systems and equipment


ABB is a Swiss-Swedish multinational corporation that mainly operates in robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment, and automation technology areas.


Eaton Corporation Inc is an Irish-domiciled multinational power management company. The company operates in two business sectors

  • Electrical: The Americas and the Rest of the world are the main segments that Eaton operates in this business unit. Circuit breakers, switchgear, busway, UPS systems, power distribution units are the main products that are offered to this business sector.
  • Industrial: Under this sector, Eaton manufactures systems and components for use in mobile and industrial applications for agriculture, construction, mining, forestry industry.

This concludes the list of top competitors of Siemens.

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